Sambah-Team Tennis-Service


Service description Operations

carried out during the spring restoration

With an original "Turbobesen" the top soiled brick dust layer is removed in millimeters. Strong vermoosing is not a problem as it is thoroughly removed using special tools.

Rolling the complete square with a platter roller. Pre-treatment of particularly stressed basic and T-lines. These areas are provided with an additional layer of tile flour and sludge.

After drying the slurry area, a new layer of brick meal is applied and watered on the complete place.

With the motor roller, each space is rolled to the base line only transversely and then longitudinally.
Control of the space, especially in the basic and T-line range, whereby. Weaker points after the above-described system.

  • dscf2604--tennis4
  • dscf2602--tennis4b
  • dscf2603--tennis4c

Sweeping the lines. Finally, as usual, the course is drawn off transversely and longitudinally with the tennis trailing net.


                                    Before                                                   Afterwards